1. Start writing by 8:00 in the morning. Every day. This doesn’t include grocery lists, To Do lists, or Facebook posts.
  2. Don’t turn to chocolate every time I see other writers’ happy tweets and status updates about awards and publishing contracts (every second time is enough).
  3. Learn a new word every day; don’t use a big word when a simple one will do.
  4. Write at least 1,000 words a day.
  5. Remove, through editing, at least 500 words a day.
  6. Get out of my chair every hour to stretch my back and legs.
  7. Make sure there are ice packs in the freezer, for my aching back after slouching in my chair for hours at a time.
  8. Drink less coffee. Drink less coffee after five o’clock in the afternoon.
  9. Write in a coffee shop to be around people but don’t get distracted by conversations and food.
  10. Be grateful for the chance to do what I love, to see the world through my characters’ eyes, though writing fiction comes without regular hours, paychecks, or benefits.

About Shelly Sanders

Shelly (represented by Amy Tipton, Signature Literary Agency) is the author of THE RACHEL TRILOGY--Rachel's Secret, Rachel's Promise & Rachel's Hope (Second Story Press).Rachel's Secret received a Starred Review in Booklist and was named a Notable Read from the Association of Jewish Libraries. Rachel's Hope was shortlisted for the Vine Awards for Canadian Literature in 2016. Before turning to fiction, Shelly was a freelance journalist for the Toronto Star, National Post, Maclean's, and Canadian Living.
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