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Canadian Bestseller!

Shortlisted Best Crime Novel 2023:

Crime Writers of Canada

Available now in Canada and the US!

"Daughters of the Occupation is a neatly crafted saga of personal and national trauma, a story of tentative hope in a world of menace, as three generations of women strive to understand who they are, where they came from and how they can feel free."

--Lucy Adlington, author of the New York Times best-seller The Dressmakers of Auschwitz.

"Every now and then, I encounter a novel that pulls me in with such force that I emerge at the other end with a keen thirst to learn more: to retrace the steps of the characters and immerse myself in their history. Shelly Sanders's latest book is one such story. We watch as a family cracks, crumbles and must ultimately rebuild under two regimes that are fighting for dominance over the Latvian people. Riveting, well-paced and beautifully written, Daughters of the Occupation exposes one of the most harrowing and overlooked tragedies of the Second World War. Don't miss this powerful story!"

--Ellen Keith, author of The Dutch Wife

The Rachel Trilogy

In an artful way throughout this absorbing, chilling tale, characters wonder what can stop the tragedy of hatred from overcoming community.

Booklist Starred Review


Adeptly conveys the history, from Mikhail Rybachenko's real name to the bitter bigotry and


bloodbath...Critical for its underexplored subject.

Kirkus Reviews

Rachel's Secret effectively uses the historical record to create a compelling image of this troubled period,


making meaningful points about the role of hatred and hope in society--and how young people can break


free from the shakles of tradition.

iTunes, Book of the Week

A poignantly realistic portrayal of  young Jewish woman's struggle towards independence


in early 20th C San Francisco, trying to embrace the new world while grappling with her ties to tradition.

The Jury, Vine Awards for Canadian Jewish Literature (Rachel's Hope shortlisted, 2016)

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