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Rachel's Secret Chosen as One of Nine Challenging YA Books Set Amidst War & Global Crisis

The world's first video wiki, Ezvid Wiki, has selected my first novel, Rachel's Secret, as a challenging Young Adult novel set amidst war and global crisis. Rachel's Secret begins in 1903 Kishinev, Moldova, where underlying anti-Semitism ignites a devastating pogrom (massacre) against the Jewish population.

This pogrom is historically significant as it was the first major one of the twentieth century, and it was inflamed by newspaper propaganda. A "Russian Hitler," who owned the daily newspaper, wrote atrocious lies, creating a toxic environment for Jews. Rachel's Secret received a Starred Review in Booklist: "In an artful way throughout this absorbing, chilling tale, characters wonder what can stop the tragedy of hatred from overcoming community."

Ezvid Wiki, created in 2011, is now amongst the top 3,000 websites in the United States, and its YouTube channel has more than 425,000 subscribers.

To see the nine chosen books, click on the following link:

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