I’ve been awarded a generous grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to complete my upmarket fiction, The Shark’s Wife: For 15 years, Cindy MacNamara has enjoyed the perks of affluence in Oak Park, Chicago, but it all ends on an icy January morning when she finds her husband’s lifeless body.

I began writing this manuscript five years ago but put it aside when The Rachel Trilogy was accepted for publication. Now, I’ve finished my revisions (until the next round from an agent and publisher) and am querying agents in the next few months. I foresee a lot of chocolate in my future as I brace myself for the inevitable stream of rejections. Fortunately, I’ve started writing the first draft of my next novel, The Great Puzzle; having a manuscript in progress gives me the sense of purpose I need on dark days.

The highlight of 2015 was my week in Manitoba as a Toronto Dominion Canada Book Week Author, an experience that dramatically broadened my outlook on Canada. As I travelled throughout the province, speaking at libraries and schools, I saw the magnitude of a true prairie sky for the first time. Meeting avid readers and answering their thoughtful questions are amongst my best memories of the week, along with my appearance on CTV Morning Live on May 5. Here’s the link: http://t.co/R8iC5CMgX8

For 2016, I plan to blog on writing tips and mistakes to avoid, from workshops I’ve attended and based on my own experiences.  If you’re a teacher, be sure to look at my Rachel Trilogy Literature Guides on this website, which are written to Common Core and the National Council of the Teachers of English Standards. They’re free! I’ve also included writing tips and exercises which can be accessed by clicking the “On Writing” tab.

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