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Writer's Digest

ADHD: A Writer's Curse or Advantage?

Author Shelly Sanders shares her journey with undiagnosed ADHD and questions whether it's helpful or harmful for her writing and life.


Jewish Book Council

PB Daily May 2, 2022

Family Secrets Rooted in Latvia

Writer's Digest

Balancing History and Story in Historical Fiction

Author Shelly Sanders shares the historical fiction books that led her to writing her own historical fiction novels, and tips on balancing history and story when pursuing historical fiction.


Uncovering the Past, Finding New Purpose

University of Waterloo Magazine

Spring 2023


Lilith Magazine

Interview with Yona Zeldis McDonough

Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)

Alum and Author Shelly Sanders Intertwines Latvian Family History and Fiction  in "Daughters of the Occupation"

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